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I'm still trying to define myself...

My mind rebels at stagnation. I crave mental exaltation.

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"Mad, bad and dangerous to know."

Boy, I really need to redo this eventually...

I'm over 21.

What is there to say about me? I guess my interests already say a lot. Being interested in those probably means we have things to say to each other. I tend to be rather shy and distanced towards people I don't know personally, but I can open up. I try to keep my friends list personal, because I always have a hard time deleting people once they're on my list. I'm currently posting friends-only mostly, so rest assured, I'm not as shallow as my public entries suggest >_>;. I don't tend to friend people first. Guess that's the low-down for now... Will add more when I feel inspired. I'm over my bitter phase! :D But I'm still kinda non-soul stripteasy in public. Thus the friends-only-ness. Uhm, yes. Move along, please! ^^;

Please read this disclaimer for a harder, more bitter side of me.

If you're looking for my Dr. Tran icons, you can find them all here.

My writer's journal with all my fandom activity (as in the stuff actually worth looking at, not just the fannish babbling and squeeing *g*) can be found here.

What you will see me post about occasionally when you friend me:
  • lengthy talks about my fandoms (currently mostly Torchwood, Doctor Who, House and rarely NCIS)

  • links to newsbits from various movie sites, sometimes including discussion

  • reposting of articles I found interesting. What I find interesting usually either includes movies, movie theory, popular culture, television and folkloristics.

  • random silliness with no further purpose but to amuse

  • private posts where I note down writing ideas and chat logs that discussed important things (which you won't see, obviously)

  • random stories about my pets, often with pictures and cute events around them

  • geeky squeeing over things like toys I collect, movies I look forward to, cute animals I found in the garden etc.

  • long and angsty monologues born from anxiety spells and depression

  • ranting about RL issues

  • angsting about RL issues

  • lolling about RL issues

  • boring recounts of RL stuff that I want to record for posterity

  • "note to self"s which absolutely make no sense to you but I was too lazy to make them private

  • occasional discussions about my current project (writing, fanart, animation, term paper, academic treatise, article)

  • pleads for help, usually involving clarification of Brit speak or some silly fact I can't figure out myself right now

What you very likely won't see when you friend me:
  • the complete, readable version of my latest fic/animation/fanart project. Those generally go into my writer's journal which is located at not_gold. If that's all you're interested in, better friend that one.

Should you decide to friend me:

Brilliant! I like meeting new people! However, please comment on my few public posts. Let's see if we can strike up a conversation. I often get people randomly friending me and then never talking to me. Which is understandable since most of my posts are friends only, but I don't really want to friend everyone back just like that. I want to actually know why they friended me and if it's not just a "Oh hi I'm new and just want to fill my flist" kind of friending.

I'm not a fan of the good old "comment to be added" post since that always feels a bit like holding court and deciding who's worthy of my friendship. I just want to know whether someone actually wanted to friend me or just someone who happened to have three common interest (and I really do have a lot of interests...).